SD-WANis oriented to a modular design which allows adapting the requirements of the clients.

High-end SD-WAN products offeradvanced solutions, which thanks to its modular design; customers can adapt their requirements at any time. With the Cloud Net Manager (CNM) you will be able to adjust the services starting with a basic solution, but with which you can add more services and new functions as you need them.

Some of the modules with which this solution will solve customer communication problems are:
Cloud Net Manager Base (CNM Base): is the main sd wan products management module of the entire platform. According to the requirements of the client companies, it can be installed in a public cloud to have better access from anywhere or you can also install it as a virtual device in the customer’s data center. With this module, you can grow and add network nodes to integrate the different networks you manage in a single platform. By working on high availability, you will be giving the customer a great advantage.
Cloud Net Manager Provisioner (CNM Provisioner): with the Zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) process you can configure all the devices in the office. In addition, this provisioner lets you monitor the network, since it supports scenarios of traditional networks,as well as SD-WANconfigurations. And for you to have complete confidence, it guarantees that the connection is completely secure since it uses security certificates in the communication channels.
Cloud Net Manager Visualizer (CNM Viewer): with this module, you can see in a complete way everything that users do with their applications and services; you can monitor the entire capacity of the network. Unify all this information so you can see all users or only one specific one. This facilitates decision making and helps in solving problems. You can view all network traffic at the application level.
Cloud Net Manager Controller (CNM Controller): with its high-efficiency graphical interface you can perform network configuration completely. This interface improves the performance of the application; therefore it will be faster and more reliable. You can also align the business drivers and the performance of the business network.
Server for the network administrator of the cloud (CNM server): with this module, the optimization of the WAN network is achieved by adding own or third party functionalities, network storage or security functions, all this to increase the power of the SD-WAN.

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